19 September 2013

Absinthe Salon, Surry Hills

Ring the door bell to enter, and then get ready for an experience you won't forget at the Absinthe Salon in Surry Hills. It's a lot of fun. Allow yourselves a good hour to really enjoy it. The hosts are dressed up and are very friendly, passionate, knowledgeable and educational.

It's not what you expect though, there are no flames like you may have seen on TV. You'll enjoy the French and Swiss absinthe distilled over ice cold water that drips slowly through a sugar cube; watch as the absinthe swirls and gets cloudy, then savour the taste as it hits your lips.

When I went there on a Friday night, there was a lone writer or poet scribbling away in the corner. An interesting atmosphere!

The main herbal ingredients in absinthe are: wormwood, fennel and green anise. I'm not a big fan of the licorice taste, but you go there for the experience, really. A glass of absinthe ranges from $10 - $22.

The absinthe sweet delights are very rich and you can taste the absinthe. This will cost you about $8 for a sweet plate (to share), or $15 for the absinthe truffles box which has about 6 truffles.

Due to the high alcoholic content, you are limited to one drink for those who are driving, and 3 for those not driving. Plus, there's a rule of 1 drink minimum per person. The Absinthe Salon is a small spot, with about 30 seats, so if you're going with a big group on Friday or Saturday it's best you book ahead.

Ambience  4.6 / 5
Drinks     3   / 5
Service    5  / 5
Value       3.1 / 5

Location: 87 Albion St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Contact: 02 9211 6632
Website: www.absinthesalon.com.au
Opening hours: Wed-Sat 4-10pm
Absinthe Salon drinks menu:

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